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Rychart Excavation Services

Here you will find a fairly complete list of the services Rychart Excavation, Inc. provides. While this list is pretty complete, please note that we have the equipment and know-how to tackle most jobs related in the field of construction and excavation. So if it is not listed, please contact us and let us know what you need by emailing us at Dan@RychartExcavation.com or by filling out the contact form in the footer of our website. You can also fill out an estimate on the Estimates Page here on our website.

Land Clearing & Demolition

Whether your clearing or demolition requirements are to clean up your property, remove unwanted brush, trees or structures, or are installing anything from a play structure to a large commercial project, we can handle your clearing & demolition needs. We will look at and price all options available to get the most for your money.

Site Preparation

  1. Demolition & Clearing
  2. Mass grading, cut & fill, import and export of soils.
  3. Delivery and installation of base & finish rock, all quantities, large and small, including preparation for asphalt and concrete.
  4. Underground utilities installations.
  5. Installation of asphalt and concrete from start to finish on all jobs, big and small, commercial & residential.

Sanitary Sewer

We have the tools & equipment to do all types of underground sanitary & sewer jobs. From hook-ups and abandonment of septic systems to deep sewer mains, laterals & manholes. We install, remove and repair any and all underground utilities.

Storm Sewer & Water

All phases of storm, sewer and run-off.

  1. We do new installs, repairs or upgrades to storm mains and lateral lines & more.
  2. Storm detention, grading, underground storage, water quality manholes & structures.
  3. Storm filter inlets & manhole
  4. We install water mains and services up to your meter. Fire lines, vaults, fire hydrants and apertures.

Franchise Utilities

  1. Power - PGE approved. We install conduit, vaults, pedestals and more for new or existing buildings, as well as coordinate it with PGE so that you don't have to.
  2. Telephone & Communications - We install conduit & pedestals for phone, internet, networking and more.

Asphalt & Concrete

We provide for all your concrete and asphalt needs. We do everything from demolition of any and all concrete or asphalt as well as excavation, land clearing and preparation for new asphalt and concrete. We do placement and installation of all new asphalt and concrete as well.

Retaining Walls

  1. Pre-cast block such as keystone, keylock, etc.
  2. Cast-In-Place - Formed & poured on-site.
  3. Boulder/Rock design, excavation, placement & back-fill. We can also supply and haul boulders.

R.V. Pads & Driveways

We do everything to bring your imagined R.V. pad or driveway from raw earth to finished product. We provide on or off-site disposal, placement of rock pouring, paving, etc. We also do repairs on existing R.V. pads and driveways of all types.

Trucking & Mobilization

We provide for all your trucking and mobilization needs. We have 3-axle dump-trucks with 12 cubic yard capacity for hauling crushed rock & dirt as well as clearing or demolition debris.

In addition, we also have a 20-ton tilt deck trailer for moving larger equipment wherever you may need it.

Equipment Rentals

Excavators:CAT: 304CR, 215B, 320B
Dozers:CAT: D-3LC
Backhoes:CAT: 416B
Water Trucks:94 International 2000 Gal.
(With Sprayer & Hose)
Dumptrucks:1990/1991 Kenworth
(12-14 cubic-yard boxes)
Rollers:Vibramax 48" Double-Drum